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Be a Part of Change for Good:

Make a Difference in your Community as a Wild Green Kid

Now you can be an Official Wild Green Kid too! It’s just 3 easy steps and you can earn prizes and help the earth

Register and complete 8 of these tasks to become an Official Green Kid!

Keystone Task List

With your parent’s permission, ride your bike or walk somewhere you would normally drive: to a friend’s house, to school, to a park, or a family outing somewhere special. 

Where did you ride? What did you think about biking or walking compared to riding in a car? Would you do it again?

Recycling is when we send in things like plastic, paper, or metal to be broken down and made into new things. Upcycling is when we take old things and give them a new purpose, like turning a plastic bottle into a bird feeder.

What kind of things do you recycle or upcycle at home or school? 

Does your family generate less garbage because you recycle or upcycle?

Do you use a reusable water bottle? What does it look like?

How many plastic water bottles do you think you save or recycle each week?

Are there other ways that you could reduce (use less) plastics?

Find out if your state has any endangered species.  What are they?

Do you live near any of them?

What could you do to help protect them?

Think about what it means to be green. What are three things you do daily or weekly that are green?




How do these things help the environment?

Are there areas in your community that are not healthy (litter, dirty water, dead plants)?

What are they? How are they unhealthy?

What are some ways that you could make the area healthy again or help protect it?

Do you turn off the lights and turn off/unplug electronics in your home whenever you are not using them?

Why is turning lights off and powering down electronics important?

With parental supervision, go for a hike or walk through a community park or natural area. Where did you go?

What kind of plants and animals did you see?

How do the plants and animals depend on each other?

What does “being green” mean to you?

What are some unique things that you do to help protect animals and the earth?

How do animals affect the environment? How does the environment affect animals?

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