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There are 3 main species of wolf: grey wolf (also know as timber wolf), red wolf, and Eastern wolf. On average, a wolf in the wild will live 7-8 years. Wolves are found in North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa, but are rather scarce. Red wolves, in particular, are considered to be critically endangered with only 20-80 in the wild.

Wolf pups are born in litters of 4 to 6 pups in a cave or a hole dug in the ground. They are raised by the entire pack. They live in packs from 6-10 wolves with an alpha female and alpha male who are the leaders of the pack. The pack develops close bonds and relationships with one another.

Wolves “talk” to each other by howling. They also growl, whine and bark. Their bark is similar to a dog, but a wolf will bark a few times and then retreat from a perceived danger.

A wolf’s sense of smell is at least 100 times stronger than a human’s; it can smell prey over 1.5 miles away! A pack of howling wolves can be heard from 6-10 miles away, depending on the terrain.

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Photo by rodehi on CanStockPhoto
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